Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I make payment?

We accept payment through PayNow/ PayLah / Bank Transfer.  Details will be provided through an email and Whatsapp notification after an order is accepted. Once full payment is received, an invoice will be sent to you, and your order is then considered confirmed. 

2. Can I cancel/ amend my order after payment is made?

Yes, you can. However we will have to be notified at least 5 days in advance if you would like to cancel/ amend your order. Once your order is successfully cancelled, a 100% refund will be given to you. If cancellation/ changes are made later than our stipulated lead time, charges may apply. For changes, you may Whatsapp to 91683371 or email to


1.     Do you have a minimum order?

There are no minimum order for cakes/ cupcakes. A minimum order of 2 bags applies for each flavor of crumbs.

2.     How long in advance do I need to order?

We need a minimum lead time of 3 days to prepare your order. We recommend booking your slot with us as soon as you can, for we will close our orders once we are full!

3.     I need a cake today! Can you help?

For any last-minute orders, do WhatsApp us at +65 91683371. No promises, but we will definitely try our best!

4.     What are your available cake sizes?

Our cakes are available in 3.5” bento size, 6” or 7”.

5.     What cake size should I order?

Serving recommendations: 
3.5” Bento Cake: 1 - 2 pax 
 6”, Approx (0.5kg) : 6 - 10 pax 
 7” Approx (1kg) : 8 - 12 pax

6.     What is the weight of the cake?

Our cakes generally don’t go by weight, as different flavours may weigh differently. We recommend cake sizes based on serving size and you may view the serving recommendations above.

7.     What are the prices of your customized cake?

Prices are based on the complexity of design/cost of elements required on the cake and can only be advised upon confirmation of the design. As a general guideline for the cost of a customised cake, you may refer to below: 3.5” Bento Cake – Starting from $25 6”, Approx (0.5kg) : Ranges from $68 - $138 7”, Approx (1kg) : Ranges from $78 - $148

8. How do I place an order for a customized cake?

For customised cakes, please reach out to us via Whatsapp to 91683371 or email to with the below information: 1.     Date of celebration 2.     Theme of your cake and image references 3.     Choice of Flavor

9.     Will my customized cake turn out exactly to look like the image I provided?

Images are meant to be guidelines for cake crafting thus we are unable to guarantee an exact replication of a reference photo.

10.     Do you do fondant cakes?

Our cakes are mainly frosted with buttercream or fresh chantilly cream. You may request for a fondant cake although that may limit your choice of flavors in order to support the structure of the heavy fondant. Also do note that fondant is essentially sugar, and it has to be kept in air conditioned room at all times. Coming into contact with refrigeration or Singapore’s humid weather will cause it to melt or become shiny/sticky.

11.     What type of decorations can I choose for the cake?  

You may choose one of the following or a mixture: - Figurines made with fondant - Toy figurines - Paper craft toppers - Fresh flowers - Dried Flowers - Silk Flowers

12.     What is provided with the cake?

A long candle, cutting knife and a generic ‘Happy Birthday’ topper will be provided.


1. Are you Halal certified?

Our kitchen is not halal certified, however the ingredients used in our cakes & crumbs are halal certified. No pork and lard.  

2.     Can you accommodate special dietary requirements?

Our cakes may contain butter, dairy products and nuts. For any special requests to exclude the above mentioned ingredients, please kindly enquire before placing an order via Whatsapp to 91683371 or email to

Care & Storage

1.     How should the cake be stored?  

For fresh cream cakes, please store the cake in the refrigerator ASAP upon receiving and at all times. For buttercream cakes, please store the cake in the refrigerator ASAP upon receiving. It should be removed from the refrigerator 30 mins – 45 mins to thaw before serving. Do not consume straight from the fridge as the cake will be crumbly and hard to cut. 

2.     How long can I keep my cake?

Our cakes are made without preservatives, hence they are best consumed on the day itself and not to exceed a maximum shelf life of 2 days from the date of delivery/ collection. Any balance cake should be kept in air tight containers and stored in the refrigerator.

3. Why is there condensation on my cake?

Condensation may occur due to the temperature change of the environment and the refrigerator, especially where there is high humidity. It is normal should condensation happen and it will still be safe for consumption.

4.     Are the coloring used on my cake safe to eat?

The food colouring used on the cakes are safe and edible, however do kindly note a dark coloured frosting may stain the teeth.

5. How long can I keep my cookies?

Our cookies are freshly baked to order without any additives and preservatives, thus they are best to be consumed within 7 days from the date of collection/ purchase. To ensure freshness, please keep the cookies sealed at all times.